On 1/23/03 2:30 AM, "Paul Everlund" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> On Thu, 23 Jan 2003, Jens Haeusser wrote:
>> I'd like to install a system lacking some of the binaries you can
>> specify as make.conf knobs, such as
>> NO_I4B= true
>> NO_IPFILTER= true
>> NOGAMES= true
>> NOUUCP= true
>> NO_SENDMAIL= true
> I have been thinking that those "knobs" should have their own
> pkg-plist which one could use for deleting the binaries. Also one
> must take in concern dependencies of those "knobs"...

I've always thought that the entire base system should have it's own
package/port system. That way, you could easily remove the bits you don't
want (remove UUCP from a fileserver, remove gcc from a firewall, etc). As
well, this would make security/other upgrades much easier. Telnet has a
remote hole? Simply upgrade the base-telnet port. OpenSSL has a problem?
Upgrade the base-OpenSSL port, which will take care of rebuilding any other
dependant base-ports. This should also make binary upgrades easier if it
included proper packages. It could certainly simplify the whole track the
security branch, spend hours making install/buildworld every few weeks

Ah well, I can always dream.

Jens Haeusser
Network Manager
Zoology, UBC

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