"James Seward" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I get this when I have my USB card reader plugged in (and empty). I'm
> pretty sure it's hal (via KDE) which is responsible for the polling in
> my case. My low-tech fix is to yank the USB cable out when I'm not
> using the reader :) If there was a way to stop it filling up my syslog
> though I'd love to know.

Okay, that's a clue to the source.  There seems to be a "KDE HAL
Device Manager", which I assume (from its name) should be controlling
this.  Can you get into a configuration for that and see what you can
do?  [Sorry I can't help more now, but I don't use KDE, and my machine
with a card reader is powered down at the moment.]
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