>  No, I just meant that I copied MAKEDEV from /usr/src into /dev, and
>  then ran ./MAKEDEV std from /dev, as per the UPDATING instructions.

hmm, does UPDATING say you should do that? all I know is >>mergemaster
asks whether I want to have /dev/* rebuilt, and I let it do so.

UPDATING notwithstanding, you did *not* rebuild ad{4,5}*. take a
look in /dev/MAKEDEV: calling it with "std" does not touch ad* at
all. what you want is:

cd /dev && ./MAKEDEV all ad4 ad5

yeah, this updated my ad* entries just fine, which was actually the
conclusion i'd come to a little while ago, i just didn't know how to do >it.

 Silly me thinking that "all" == everything.

 all of this aside, the base problem remains. Even with the updated >ad*
entries sitting in /dev, I still get a root mount failed error message >on
boot with no way I can see to load the 4.7 kernel.
Okay, just to update.. after much searching and reading, I discovered that the way FreeBSD past a certain point is *supposed* to handle RAID hardware arrays is to designate them as arX, and then you can use atacontrol to attach/detach/whatever.

So basically, when I updated to 4.7-STABLE from 4.5-RC1, I was changing the way it was looking at my current mirror setup. It now wanted to see the array as ar0, except it wouldn't boot off of ar0s1a or anything.

I broke the mirror and promptly tried to boot with ad4 and ad5 being individual drives instead of a mirror, and suddenly /dev/ad4s1a would boot just fine.

Why it recognized the HPT370 as ar0 on 4.5 and worked fine while booting a hardware mirrored drive from /dev/ad4s1a, and would not do the same under 4.7, I couldn't tell you.

So now my question is, how can I recreate the mirror? I don't want to take down my whole system and resynch those two drives only to have it fail to boot again. Should I just do it in software?

Anyways, thanks for all the helpful suggestions.

Aaron Lewis.

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