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I have a laptop that I am currently updating world to the latest from
the v6 branch, once that is done I want to completely start fresh with
the GUI.  Right now I have gnome in a mostly working state, a mostly
out of date KDE and a bunch of other random crud I have installed over
the last 16 months or so.  Instead of trying to use portupgrade and
have it fail out/fix/restart, I was thinking life would be easier if I
just removed anything graphical and start that from scratch.  This way
all my settings/data remain intact and I can just do a pkg install the
new stuff.

Is anyone aware of a quick/safe way of blowing away nearly all
installed apps as such to start from near scratch.  I do use bash and
probably a couple other non-GUI installs, so I didn't necessarily want
to kill _all_ installed ports/pkgs but I might be willing to do that
if needed.

Any thought on the best way to approach this?

The best method I have come up with is to first
gather a list of leaf packages with ports-mgmt/portmaster:
$ portmaster -l

and then (assuming you have ports-mgmt/portupgrade
$ pkg_deinstall -r <leaf pkg names>
$ pkg_delete -r <leaf pkg names>

ports-mgmt/pkg_cutleaves is a bit overly thorough
(and underly[1] conservative) for my tastes, but may
be more your style.

This shouldn't delete anything required by the stuff
you want to keep and should clean out most of the
kipple.  Multiple runs are suggested and deleting
root packages (as listed under portmaster -l) most
likely won't harm anything (though some of them
may be reinstalled when you upgrade).

pkg_deinstall has the advantage of being able to issue
$ pkg_deinstall -Rr kde*
, which will delete anything requiring kde and required by
kde (at least that is not required by some other package),
and the disadvantage of requiring that both perl and ruby
be installed.

[1] May not be an honistically truthifiable word.

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