On Apr 28, 2007, at 4:20 AM, Andriy Babiy wrote:

On every message, sent to the list, I receive a strange response with the
subject line: "Fwd: failure notice".

This is because (at least) one member of the list, [EMAIL PROTECTED], has an address behind a broken MTA.

If the email system for that delivery worked, then the bounce message would go to


instead of to the person who posted the message.

People behind mail systems like those should never, ever be allowed near Internet email discussion groups. I haven't seen a mail system that broken for a long time. Typically it is because the mail goes through some kind of gateway that fails to preserve the "envelope from" address.

It would be nice if the list manager for this list could trace down which subscribed address is causing the problem (not always an easy thing to do) and ban them from the list.

A more common problem is the list subscriber who has a badly configured auto responder set up. I have a rant about those at



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