I'm still building my backup DNS server on my remaining Kayak
        playing with various window managers (aka "desktops"). Stuck.
        To any browser/media/audio wizards out there in freebsd-land:

        A few weeks ago (after failing with both mozilla and firefox)
        I tried the KDE broswer to stream video.  And after several
        tries, got kmplayer working with Konqueror.  It streams windows
        video and better yet, streams windows audio (using the Mplayer 
        backend).  But there are some NPR/PBS webcasts only in
        real-audio.  After a few hours of poking around the web and
        trying to reconfigure Konqueror I-give-up.

        I've reached the "File Association" -> "Audio" and to
        "x-pn-realplay" {or something like that}, then I'm wedged.  
        Is there an honest textfile I can use to associate [.ra, .rm,
        .ram] with /usr/X11R6/bin/realplay????   

        thanks for any help!


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