I just read an article on eWeek about SCO's new SCOx server platform thingie...and tucked away near the bottom of the first page is the follow statement:

McBride also confirmed that the company has hired high-profile
attorney David Boies and his legal firm to investigate whether
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and versions of BSD infringed on the Unix
intellectual property it owned.

While claiming that it is hard to estimate how many people are
technically in breach of its licensing terms, McBride said it's
"very widespread and would generate a revenue stream in the millions
of dollars. We know who they are."

But he stressed that this is a "friendly move" by the company, which
would be flexible in determining what customers who had been using
the software in an unlicensed way for some time would be charged.

And here's the URL;

It looks to me like a really dirty move on their part and I sincerely hope this bite them so hard where the sun doesn't shine that the go misserably down the proverbial toilette. I honestly think this is a desperate move from a company on the threashold of going down...

By the by I know this porbably isn't the right place to post this but...the more of us that know about what's coming the better.

Here's a thought what about the intellectual property that the've enjoy at the expense of all of the BSD's? What would happen if the BSD world recinded the rights to TCP/IP and demanded compensation for it's use from say everyone?

Ok sorry for the rant, just a bit po'd right now....

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