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Subject: Re: Is FreeBSD simple enough for Novices, Will FreeBSD accept Office 98 + Publisher?

OpenOffice in OSX still isn't that great either because there
still isn't a native (Aqua) build.
I suspect the NeoOffice folks would be surprised to hear that :)
Yes >_>.. I mean that the latest and greatest version of OOo isn't available for Aqua native yet. It's going to take another year to port, as someone has claimed already.

There was a big leap in terms of functionality from 1.x vs 2.x in OOo, but then again considering that the OP was asking about running Office 98 (:D..), I don't think he'd mind running the 1.x version binaries.


As the original poster wants to write books .... may I suggest that he
a text editor and then a typesetter combination rather than any form of WYSIWYG wordprocessor.

IE use (insert favourite text editor here) then use the LaTeX / Tetex
to actually properly format the material as a book.

Yes there is a learning curve here, but the end result is all over a wordprocessed attempt.


Good point. I fully agree with Murray, because I've found many WYSIWYG editors to have large shortcomings when it comes to writing properly formatted documents. I still have to fight Word 2003 to not erase bullets in a larger document I maintain, at its own whim, not mine. I can't begin to imagine what Publisher 98 would be like (ew..).

LaTeX works wonderfully for regularly written documents and Texinfo for technical documents or procedure manuals. Then for writing web documents, you can always invest some time in just learning VIM + colorizing the output, or maybe invest in a WYSIWYG HTML editor, and touch up little things here and there. Bluefish works wonderfully for this purpose I've discovered.

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