I am developing a windows utility to analyse data it receives through a serial port. To test it, need to simulate the data it receives. I made a file in FreeBSD 4.11 that is a single packet. I need to send the data in this file out the serial port at 4800 baud. I would like to do a "cp file /dev/cuaa0" or "cat file > /dev/cuaa0" but when I do this, it goes out at the wrong baud rate. When I run "stty -f /dev/cuaa0", I see that cuaa0 is set to 9600 baud. When i run "stty -f /dev/cuaa0 4800", it seems to run without error, but the baud rate doesnt change. How do I set the baud rate for the serial port so i can just redirect data to it and the data will be sent out at 4800 baud?

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