This might be less sophisticated than you're looking for, but here's what I
did with my latest home media server.

I looked out for the cheapest desktop size Dell server I can find. (I have
three of them now.  Two are 6 years old, and have never had problems.)  I
got my media server last year.  I waited until the price got to $399 with
free shipping, the 430 SC.

I get these machines with no OS, no extra warranties, CD-ROM only, no CPU
upgrade, nothing else.  Free shipping or upgraded RAM is usually part of the

For my media server, I went out to my favorite cheap vendor, and got 4 250
GB serial ata drives for $75 each, and an additional 1/2 GB of RAM.  You
might need a mounting kit for the 4th drive, but the first three are a
snap.  RAM's usually a lot cheaper if you don't buy it from Dell.

The Dell servers have been coming with onboard gigabit ethernet for some
time.  I've installed FreeBSD on all of them with no hardware problems at
all.  For my windows computers, tivo, etc, it's a big hard disk that never
crashes.  But with all the unix goodies, too.


On 5/1/07, Christopher Prance <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

If you were to build a server using FreeBSD 6.2 , basically for home use,
serving media files, small web server, basically a very small load, which
motherboard would you recommend?  Mid range as far as price is concerned.
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