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We are expanding at work and I am messing around with different setups.

I need a file system that will *look* like its just on one machine,
like when mounting with NFS, but because of the large amount of data,
I really need to expand the files to several servers.

Also I need some kind of security.

I haven't set something like this up before so all kind of friendly
advice would be greatly appriciated. What solution is recommended?

AFIK, zfs in -CURRENT can do this.  -CURRENT runs fairly well[1],
if you catch it at the right time.  Not sure if/when the MFC is planned.

There might be something in geom(8) which could do this, as well,
but I do not know.

[1] YMMV, obviously.  The one box I have on -CURRENT is not heavily
loaded and not filled with cutting-edge technology.  The 12-March
snapshot of 7 wouldn't have zfs, though (I think?)

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