Andy Greenwood wrote:
Sent this a while back and never got a response. Any ideas would be
very appreciated!

Because it's too long, I don't know what you're asking and it's also perl/php, not FreeBSD.

I'm working on getting a script to work (see below). It is a perl
daemon associated with a bittorent client that I am helping develop.
The daemon uses unix domain sockets to commincate with the php pages.
However, anytime a message is sent via php, the script dies with

send: Cannot determine peer address at
/usr/local/www/root/tf-b4rt/trunk/html/bin/fluxd/ line 1256

I did some research and found a similar problem with OpenBSD's perl

Yes, but aren't you having a problem with php ?

 the bug report above
suggests that this was a problem for OpenBSD due to differences in
struct sockaddr_un. Could that be a problem here as well?

try : EFNet #perlhep or freenode #perl or #perlhelp Unfortunately I can't find a decent perl mailing list for you. Also look on line 1256.

But If you're really asking a php question try #php in either location. Might I suggest rewriting it in perl instead ?

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