This is for anyone interested in that automatic music-generator
        that uses java.  The GUI is instantiated by

        %  java -jar LMUSe.jar

        and the howto is in a *htm test file along with jpg graphics
        that will get you going.  I'll see if it works here.  It should.

        My original [ hack, koff ] "brainstorm" was to compose several
        seconds of music intros for my Jottings.  (Yes, I played piano as
        a kid and yes I enjoy jazz, drums, symphony, etc.  The *but* is
        that what I was thinking of would require at least understanding
        something about music theory.)  I think it might be best to
        stick with *words*.

        Thanks for all your input on this.  If anyone Can actually
        figure out what the syntactical input strings are, please drop a


  Gary Kline  [EMAIL PROTECTED]  Public Service Unix

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