most likely has to do with your lappy not streching lower resolutions. im guessing you solve the issue previously with vidcontrol. something like

vidcontrol -g 135x25 VESA_1024x768

(if your screen is full at 1024x768, replace it with the nedded resolution.)
you can just add the option to rc.conf so you dont have to deal with crazy commands or additional shell scripts::

allscreens_flags="-g 135x25 VESA_1024x768'

you might need to change the raster mode; 100x37 is also a common selection.

and of course you cant forget recompiling your kernel! the fun part.

the only lines you need to include the needed support is:

options         VESA
options         SC_PIXEL_MODE

Have fun, there are some old issues with 1024x768 with older versions, like v5.3 in which there is a patch for.
Yell "fire" if you need any more help with this.

David J Brooks wrote:
I know I've seen the fix for this before, but now that I need it I can't find it.

I'm setting up a laptop with FreeBSD 6.2. The screen display in X is fine, but the terminal session screens are tiny, center on the display with several inches of black margin. How do I get it to use the entire screen and not that tiny little viewport?


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