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> Subject: A good server motherboard.
> If you were to build a server using FreeBSD 6.2 , basically for home use,
> serving media files, small web server, basically a very small load, which
> motherboard would you recommend?  Mid range as far as price is concerned.

Recently my father's home system's disk died, he wanted a faster system
so I convinced him to buy a new MB, ram, HD and CPU and let me install it
in his case (he had recently replaced the power supply with an ATX II
supply) and reload Win2K on it, rather than go out and buy a new system
with Vista preloaded, and then have to deal with 3/4 of his software
not working and having to be upgraded.

I deliberately selected the cheapest motherboard the local computer
store had in stock - $89 it was.  AMD Seperon CPU.  Gig of ram, 80GB
disk, etc.  Manucturer was FIC or Elitegroup, I can't recall which.

I was stunned and amazed at how advanced, how good, the board is.  Easy
to setup, no problem loading software, didn't have to use special drivers,
and stable as a rock.  And a host of features.

I took his old board, a 2 year old Elitegroup something or other, AMD Duron,
made a BSD server out of that.  Also, stable as a rock.

I have to conclude that these days even the cheapest motherboards are
far better than the most expensive boards were 10 years ago.


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