I was hoping some of the readers are using Virtualdisk within FreeBSD (
mdconfig -a -f my-virtualdisk.vdisk ) .
We have a huge storage partition, currently 7.2TB (4.8 in use).

I want to split the storage into virtualdisk so we can be more flexibile
with dumping, snapshoting, and moving
"contracts" to some other storage.

Whats the biggest "virtualdisk" you have seen in production ?  The
biggest directory we now have is 840GB.
We suspect it wil grow to 1.5TB in the coming months. Putting all that
in a virtualdisk, well, maybe its smarter
To dedicated a partition for so much data. But that's because I havent
got much experience with such big
Virtual disks.

However we still have many smaller directories which are between 50GB <>
300GB. Somehow that seems more
"safe" to put in a virtualdisk. It's probably my ignorance talking ;)

Any feedback is welcome!
Cheers, FH. 
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