Theorem <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I'm having trouble setting up a new RAID5 array.  It's a RocketRAID
> 1740 with 4x 500G disks, in RAID5 this gives approx. 1.5T of space.
> It looks like it's operating properly on /dev/da0 .
> Unfortunately, when I go to FDISK this via /usr/sbin/sysinstall I see
> the same error over and over and over trying to set my disk to the
> right cycls / heads / sectors.
> here are 2 screenshots of the messages :
> Even trying to set the disk manually gives the "repeat_set_err.jpg",
> so I can't possibly have a correct disk geometry.
> Can anyone help me out ?  Any suggestions are welcome, I don't know if
> ignoring this is the best option.

There is more information in the FAQ, but yes, you should be able to
ignore it if the system seems to be working fine.
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