I need help finding a UPS that can tell a computer
running FreeBSD 6.2 to shutdown. I checked the
hardware compatibility -- UPS are not even listed.

The "APC Back-UPS ES USB 750VA w/TEL & COAX" meets my
needs, but they don't offer the software (PowerChute
Personal Edition) for FreeBSD (closest is Mac OS X).

My budget is $100 (+/- $20). The system is a modest
server (ASUS PDB-DS w/onboard SCSI controller, Intel
PII/400, 3 SCSI HDD, 1 CD-ROM, 1 3.5 floppy, video
card, NIC), 14" monitor, kbd and mouse. In addition
there is a cable modem and a 4-port router.

I'd prefer a major brand that I can purchase locally,
if possible. If you know of one that will definitely
work, please respond. Thanks!

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