In the last episode (Jan 23), bryan cassidy said:
> I am using FreeBSD 4.7-Stable, and want to switch back to mutt. The
> only reason I stopped using mutt is because I couldn't figure out how
> to setup the filters so I installed sylpheed with no problems. I'm
> getting kinda tired of sylpheed and want to switch back to mutt. I
> really like using mutt but i NEED my filters. I'm not going to even
> install mutt this second unless I find a doc on how to do it on
> freebsd or someone tells me EXACTLY how they did it (don't want to
> waste my time) If someone could please tell me how to do this I would
> really appreciate it very much. I know it's alot to ask but I just
> can't figure it out :-( lol. Please Cc: [EMAIL PROTECTED] so I will
> get your replies (haven't got an e-mail client installed right now)
> Thanks in advance.

First, what do you mean by filters?  Procmail filters are applied as
mail is delivered, and don't care what software you use to read the

To install mutt, cd /usr/ports/mail/mutt and make install.

        Dan Nelson

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