On 02/05/07, Duane Hill <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
On Wed, 2 May 2007, Jeff Mohler wrote:

> Is that working?
> If it is..seems you nailed it.

It is working. I just didn't know if there was another way. I will
continue on with the way it is. Thanks.

I prefer to have one machine (generally something
with a server class motherboard since those seem
to have better clocks) running ntpd(8) and it also
serving as the local timed(8) master ("-F localhost -M").

It may very well be noisier than just serving out ntp
to the local network, what with talk about elections
and such every 4 minutes, but generally everything
is kept within 0.050 seconds (and running ntpd on
all of the local machines feels like serious overkill).

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