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On Tuesday,  1 May 2007 at  9:28:27 +0200, Victor Engmark wrote:
> On 5/1/07, Greg 'groggy' Lehey <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> On Monday, 30 April 2007 at 11:02:54 +0200, Victor Engmark wrote:
>> 1: Try XFree86.  Maybe that will work better.
> I'm a bit reluctant to straying away from the recommended setup on my
> machine.

Even if the recommended setup doesn't work?  Note that we have both in
the ports collection, so the definition of "recommended" sounds more
like "default" to me.

It "works" in the sense that I get the correct dimensions, but I'm unsure as
to whether I risk frying the card or screen by using the current values, and
whether I can somehow establish which values would be optimal for my card
and screen.

Besides, isn't the code base for this and X.org still very similar?

Yes, but there have been many edge cases where one works and the other
doesn't.  In general, X.org brings better results, but it's worth a

Alright, thanks. I'll see about it.

Get hold of the latest Knoppix CD from http://www.knoppix.org/, burn
it to CD, boot from it and see if that works.  Knoppix is a Linux
distribution that runs from CD, so it's good for this kind of test.

I still don't understand how it will provide the values I'm looking for.

I note that none of the other messages that have gone by in this
thread have addressed what I consider to be the crucial point: you
have a BIOS mapping issue.  It would be interesting to know what
version of FreeBSD you're running.


Victor Engmark
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