Hello list,

I have installed via pkg_add -r various packages for my 6.2-RELEASE. I
have recognized that on this way I will not get always the newest

When I use "pkg_add -r firefox" I got version 1.5 but 2.0 exist on the
freebsd-ftp-server. When I use "pkg_add -r openoffice.org" I got version
1.1 but 2.0.4 exists on the freebsd-ftp-server.

I looked at
an I saw that the symbolic links are not showing to the newest

The handbook says with pkg_add -r we could get the newest package for
the release (I am not talking about stable-packages and PACKAGESITE
variable), but the symbolic links are maybe not updated, isn't it?

With regards
Stevan Tiefert

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