On May 2, 2007, at 11:41 PM, David Banning wrote:

I haven't been paying 100% attention. Just how does it fail? What do you
mean by "corrupt"?

Does the process run to completion?

All programs zip with no errors. On reading;

root# bzip2 -t zippedfile.bz2
bzip2: 3s1.com-smartstage_ftp-full-20070502-0125AM.1b.tar.bz2:
data integrity (CRC) error in data

Can't keep from thinking somehow your hardware is broken because myself and others have been gzip, bzip, zipping, large files for a long time under FreeBSD without problems. BUT on 6.0 I had intermittent problems trying to download files over 4 GB with FreeBSD. But seemingly only with "old" files, more than a day old.

A workaround was to cat file > /dev/null from a shell login about the same time as I started the ftp download. This clue helped eventually find the real problem in the FreeBSD kernel.

Just for kicks, try "cat file > /dev/null" while the compression process is running on same file. This might help keep your source file in cache while the compression process runs.

Apparently you have a spare original copy of the data laying around but another thing to try is "gzip -c file > file.gz" which does not destroy the original.

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