I have a desktop Compaq computer running the latest stable version of FreeBSD. I want to install a DVD writer to use for backups (either internal or USB). Can someone recommend the easiest method to do this by? Is there a list of supported DVD writers for the latest stable version of FreeBSD? I don't want to spend a lot of time configuring it. I just want to install something I know will work, with minimal need for configuration. Also, will I need special software to do the actual writing? If so, what free software works well and is easy to use? Suggestions? Success stories?
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I only think that you'd have problems with older drives or bleeding edge drives though.

Look for drives that are compatible with Mac if possible. If so, you're golden.

/me loves his Samsung drive, which happily burns CDs in FreeBSD and Linux with little issue (only stupid linux permissions problems from time to time, but that's PoS udev for you >:(..).

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