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> 2-How can I inspect exactly what each httpd instance is doing (i.e.  
> which request it is serving)?

Enable mod_status or compile it in and enable server-status in the config
(usually commented-out in the httpd.conf file) and view the resulting
status url. It will show you something quite like:

   Srv PID Acc M CPU SS Req Conn Child Slot Host VHost Request                  
   0-17 18003 0/542/16066 _ 18.38 5 0 0.0 5.44 174.47             
   idefix.net GET /server-status HTTP/1.0                                       
   1-17 19911 0/492/16087 _ 18.95 193 0 0.0 4.38 182.34            
   www.camp-wireless.org GET /images/tile.jpg HTTP/1.1                          

which will help you correlate PID with vhost and url being visited.


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