I am trying to run Jboss Web on FreeBSD, which is basically a Tomcat
derived web server which use APR to replace the Java based static file
serving in Tomcat. This makes it much faster but requires the native
modules to be complied for each platform. I have successfully managed
to compile these and it appears to all work very well.

My problem is creating an rc.d script to start and run it as a daemon.
To start Jboss Web there is an sh script called run.sh which after a
bit of config runs the JVM and the relevant JARS. I created a simple
rc.d script to run this.

My problem is running the script does not run Jboss Web as a daemon
instead it runs it as if running ./run.sh from the terminal and halts
the rc.d process. The Jboss Web server is actually working, its just
not ideal. I have included the current script below.


. /etc/rc.subr


load_rc_config $name
run_rc_command "$1"

How can I change the script to run  run.sh in the background and
continue the rc.d system.

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