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> Hi,
>       I have a machine in the midst of taking a dirt nap. I bought a
> replacement and want to start loading all my ports on it. I have 
> a few questions.
>       Is there a way to get a report of what my "first level" ports
> are (Those that don't depend on anyone, and aren't depended by anyone),
> then my second level ports (Those that depend on others, but aren't
> depended on), etc.

The command 'portmaster -L' using the ports-mgmt/portmaster port will
give you that.

>       Is there a way to get a report per port what files were ACTUALLY
> installed and where? (Or do I just do a "find -newer") ?

The following (sh) commands should do the trick:

cd /var/db/pkg
rm -f $HOME/portfiles.list
for p in *; do
    echo $p >>$HOME/portfiles.list
    cat $p/+CONTENTS |awk '/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/ {print "/usr/local/"$0}' \

Provided that you haven't changed the default $PREFIX.

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