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Like I said...if it taxes their resources even one tenth of one percent,
I'm for it.

It's not their resources, it's the resources they have stolen from other
people by breaking into their systems.  Greylisting really, and truly, isn't
a problem for spammers, unless it's coupled with use of blacklists.

Just because the spammers have stolen their distribution network doesn't mean that it has no value to them. The distribution network has a very low cost but that's not the same thing as having a very low value. Most spam is delivered overnight and on the weekend. I think that there are two reasons for this. The older reason is to keep the bots off of the RBLs. But I think that the bigger reason to deliver spam off hours is to protect the botnet from detection. I think that this makes the spammers very sensitive to the duration of a spam run. I don't think that many people are grey listing right now but I think that it's increasing rapidly. On an internet where most people grey list I think that the spammers must see grey listing as a major problem because of what it does the duration of a spam run.

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