On Fri, May 04, 2007 at 01:42:59PM -0400, David Banning wrote:
> What seems strange is that the failure is not a massive failure
> the gzipped and then gunzipped file is only 2 bites difference
> on a 3G file. I am wondering now if something could be amiss in
> my BIOS - any thoughts here?

FreeBSD should be BIOS agnostic. Once booted the BIOS is out of the

Where do the original and output differ? Use cmp(1) and it should list
the offset where first difference occurs:

% cmp aes_ctr.c aes_ctr2.c
aes_ctr.c aes_ctr2.c differ: char 1065, line 50

Probably won't list a line number. What would be telling is if the
problem occurs on a nice boundary like 2G. Sadly that would be typical
of Linux as FreeBSD has not had a 2G file size limit, ever. At least not
since 2.0.0. It has had cases where signed 32 bit values were used that
caused problems. To this day MacOS X's ftp client doesn't understand
file transfers over 2G. Transfers them just fine but gets confused as to
how much it has downloaded and how much is remaining.

Am thinking I know a 4.x machine that can be fired up with little more
effort than to attach a KVM and flip the switch. Will see in about 6 or
8 hours.

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