Jonathan Horne wrote:
> Well, I setup my laptop to dual boot freebsd 6.2-p4 and vista.  It was
> actually an XP/freebsd at first (installed XP, then installed freebsd).  The
> normal boot loader worked exactly as expected.
> So, upgraded the XP to vista, which seemed to go perfectly normal.  Got
> everything the way I wanted it, and then popped in my 6.2 cd and rebooted.
> Went to fixit console, and did a
> Fdisk -B -b /boot/boot0 /dev/ad0
> Rebooted, booted into freebsd fine.  Rebooted again, hit F1 for DOS, and
> kaboom.  Winboot.exe is missing!
> Has anyone successful configured a freebsd/vista dual boot, and if so, how
> did you get around this issue?
> Thanks,
The Grub bootloader has no trouble booting both Vista and FreeBSD.
I created a small boot partition with a gparted live CD, installed grub
using a linux live/rescue cd
and added stanzas for Vista and Freebsd. Vista is chainloaded much the
same way XP was. Worked without problems.
At least for a day or two, then I ditched Vista :)
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