Just a question
Browsing though messages, doing some googling, I came across the mis-linked 
page from the ath driver man page.  So there's the list of cards...

Next question (and yes I've read the handbook)...  

The handbook states that it supports 802.11a/b/g.

Well, in that list of cards at atheros.com, I found several cards listed as 
802.11n (backwards compabible, of course).

My question is this.  How safe would it be to assume that the ath driver would 
use this (n standard) card as an 802.11g?  Furthermore, would the native 
802.11 layer be the only thing holding the card back?  IOW, when the layer is 
updated to 802.11n, would the card then be fully functional?

This has been somewhat of a learning curve, so forgive me if the questions 
seems foolish.  Two weeks ago, I knew nothing about how wireless worked (I've 
only had to set them up on windows boxes before.  What can I say? :) ).

So should I wait to buy the card or should I find something limited to the g 




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