It sounds like you haven't used the ports version of JBoss.  The ports
versions may have prewritten scripts that would do what you want:


Jboss Web is not the same as the Jboss application server. Jboss Web
is a fairly new is a lite wight servlet server like Tomcat. Jboss
application server is a full J2EE application server which uses
tomcats web serving engine as a front end.

Jboss Web is a Tomcat replacement not an application server
replacement. Its basically an optimised version of Tomcat. Where all
the static file serving java code has been replaced with extremely
efficient native code. Hence why it needs to be rebuilt for each
platform. Basically it uses Tomcat derived code for serving sevlets
and Apache derived code for when a static file is requested. Hence
there's no need to front Tomcat with Apache any more.

There is no version of Jboss Web in the ports collection. I was
thinking it might be possible to extract the rc.d from the the Jboss 4
port, although I am not quite sure where the ports scripts store there
rc.d scripts.

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