Stevan Tiefert wrote:
Am Sonntag, den 06.05.2007, 13:49 +0200 schrieb Stevan Tiefert:
Hello list,

I need to install the port misc/compat3x-i386 as a dependency for the
port audio/mbrola. The port misc/compat3x-i386 is marked as IGNORE and
it returns an error after "portinstall compat3x-i386":

vagabund# portinstall compat3x-i386
** Port marked as IGNORE: misc/compat3x:
        is forbidden: "FreeBSD-SA-03:05.xdr, FreeBSD-SA-03:08.realpath
- not fixed / no lib available"
With regards
Stevan Tiefert

Excuse me all, I ' ve forgot the question:

How can I install the port compat3x-i386?

Most probably the answer would be "you can't". It isn't marked IGNORE for no reason ;) Take a look at audio/linux-mbrola if you want mbrola though, that way you'll avoid the compat3x problem ( you will need linux compatiblity enabled in return though ( but I guess that isn't much of a problem ))
-Frank Staals

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