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JD Bronson wrote:
> I am using 6.2 as a DSL (PPPoE) router and also run my own internal DNS
> on the same machine. I would like to APPEND my ISP's dished out DNS
> servers to my current resolv.conf but anytime I enable dns in my
> ppp.conf it nukes my entire resolv.conf....!
> I am looking to end up with this:
> % cat /etc/resolv.conf
> domain mydomain
> nameserver
> nameserver ISP's DNS
> nameserver ISP's DNS
> How do I do this and still retain my own entries in resolv.conf?
> If I was using DHCPclient, I could edit dhclient.conf of course but
> PPPoE does not consult this file during negotiation that I am aware of.
> Any comments will be appreciated...

As you say, PPP doesn't let you append extra servers to what it receives
automatically.  Your best recourse then is to find out the IP numbers
of your ISPs DNS machines -- either by consulting the ISP's documentation
or web site, by asking their support team or by looking at the results
obtained by running PPP with 'enable dns'.

Then make sure your ppp.conf does not overwrite your /etc/resolv.conf on
connection, and just edit resolv.conf to insert the IP numbers you've
discovered.  A static resolv.conf will serve you well enough. After all,
it's not like your ISP will be changing their DNS servers every few hours.



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