On Sun, May 06, 2007 at 01:40:32PM -0500, Jeffrey Goldberg wrote:
> The short version of my question is whether the cvs tag RELENG_6_2  
> refers to the latest on the 6.2 STABLE branch or the 6.2 RELEASE Branch.

It refers to the latest on the 6.2-RELEASE branch.

To get the latest from the 6-STABLE branch use the RELENG_6 tag.

(There is not really any 6.2-STABLE branch, just a 6-STABLE branch from
 which all the 6.x releases get branched off. The term 6.2-STABLE just
means: "The 6-STABLE branch at any point in time after 6.2-RELEASE but
before 6.3-RELEASE")

> The background (somewhat long winded) to the question and why I'm  
> confused follows.


> Finally it might help me if I knew where the term "RELENG" came  
> from.  Things like "RELEASE", "CURRENT" and "STABLE" all make sense,  
> but "RELENG" doesn't seem to have some human meaning (well, not to  
> this human at least).

I believe RELENG is short for "RELease ENGineering".

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Erik Trulsson
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