Jan Zach wrote:

Yes, I have read this. And also used. I cannot remember why I disabled it after 
the problems began. The ~/.fonts.conf is attached. It evidently affects the 
fonts in the sense that they are not blurred now but still  I'm getting 
different fonts on every start - for instance, sometimes I'm getting fonts 
without diacritics, in all cases they differ from usual firefox/thunderbird 
default fonts.
Unfortunately I'm not able to send a screenshot as xgrab results in a core dump 
and on a picture from camera it cannot be seen :-(
If you have it installed, gimp will take screenshots. File/Acquire/Screen shot.


PS I once go font weirdness after upgrading nvidia-driver to some new-ish version. I don't know that I got different fonts every time, but I got different fonts (or something that looked like it) from the previous version of nvidia-driver. In the end, I just downgraded to 1.0.8178_1 since the new version also had hideous interrupt problems which locked my machine. This may be *completely unrelated* to your problem!

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