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disable iface-alias    # Stop adding old IP address as alias when ppp
                       # redials because line was lost. These old IPs
                       # showed using  ifconfig -a   on tun0.

 iface clear           # Remove all previous IP address

I'll try this.
Post contents of your ppp.conf  and rc.conf files for review for why you
keep losing your connection.


# set log Phase Chat LCP IPCP CCP tun command
set log phase tun command
set device PPPoE:rl0
set speed sync
set mru 1492
set mtu 1492
set ctsrts off
set dial
set login
enable lqr
add default HISADDR
# enable dns # I use my own DNS server (named)
enable tcpmssfixup
# non-default below (hack for pptpd)
set authname [EMAIL PROTECTED]
set authkey i_am_not_telling_this
nat enable yes
 nat port tcp 51234

Specifying NAT in your ppp.conf is whats causing this.
If you add the 2 lines mentioned above, it should take care of this.

For people that DONT use NAT within ppp.conf (perhaps they use pf)..this is not an issue normally.


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