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I'm currently running FreeBSD 6.2, Postfix, Amavisd-new, Spamassasin,
Dovecot, and ClamAV for my mail setup. I've been meaning to add Domain
Keys/DKIM for a while now, but I don't really know where to start. I
understand the basic concept, but it seems a bit confusing as you get into

Has anyone here sucessfully set it up? I've been following this guide
http://www.ijs.si/software/amavisd/a...docs.html#dkim and found the
confusion to start when they recommend using both Domainkeys and DKIM. I
thought DKIM is a replacement for the older Domain Keys? I've noticed Gmail
has both Domainkey and DKIM headers. What the point of using both? Also, can
I send mail from virtual domains I have without the DNS check being invalid?
Say I send mail with a TO: [EMAIL PROTECTED] and my mailserver's
hostname/domain is mail.mydomain2500.com, will that be rejected? The port
for DKIM seems to be broken too! :(

I'd appreciate someone chiming in.


I have a similar setup to yours, I use both DKIM and DomainKeys with
my postfix installation.  I just followed the MILTER_README included
with postfix and the INSTALL instructions that came with dkim-miler,
but I've read the instructions you mention and they are correct also.

I use both DKIM and DomainKeys because many providers still only
recognize DomainKeys.  As more folks move to DKIM, I'll eventually be
able to drop DomainKeys.

As for virtual domains, you can define for each domain if it is to use
DKIM.  They can all share the same private/public key files, but each
domain must have its own DNS entry defining DKIM/DomainKeys usage and
public key.

Start with one domain using DKIM as a test, then add more as you get
familiar with it.  It won't cause problems to have a subset of your
domains using DKIM.

When I built mine a few months ago, I built both dkim-miler and
dk-milter from source downloaded from sourceforge since the ports were
a few versions behind at the time and the ports packages seemed very
sendmail-specific - no surprise there.  Haven't looked at the ports
status of these two lately.

I do know that dk-milter-0.5.0 and dkim-milter-0.6.6 both built easily
from source and don't require any patching to work correctly with
postfix (older versions needed some minor patches).
I notice dkim-milter-0.7.0 was just released yesterday, haven't tried it yet.

Noel Jones
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