"Franco Vitali" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I'm using some old Pentium PCs, to install and test FreeBSD 6.2

Te problem I have is when I move the HD containing the OS to another
machine, I'm prompted to specify the root partition.

I've checked the /etc/fstab file and everything is ok.

I modified /boot/loader.conf with:

rootdev="ad0s1a" and "/dev/ad0s1a" (the same in /etc/fstab)

But I keep prompted to mount the root manually when the OS boots:

Mounroot> ufs:ad0s1a
Could this be a problem with the BIOS in the new machine? Many BIOS's will allow you to set the boot order for disks/CDs/floppies but will only remember a setting if that bit of hardware is actually present in the machine. If you ever booted the new machine with no disk in the same place as ad0s1a then maybe that disk is no longer available as a boot device when FreeBSD tries to boot.

Check that the BIOS in the new machine has this disk (controller?) set somewhere in the boot order.


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