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I have a FreeBSD server running 6.2 that has two jails configured. As they
currently sit, they work perfectly fine. The only issue I currently have
is stopping them using the conventional method:

   /etc/rc.d/jail stop jail_name

It seems the jails do not stop even though the id files within:


cease to exist after the stop. 'jls' even shows the two jails as still
running. They both are running BIND and do have sshd enabled. After the
stop has been issued, you can not ssh into the jails which gives the
illusion the jails have stopped. However, you can still access the jails
from the server running them using:

   jexec jail_id /bin/sh

Can someone give me some insight on what I might be doing wrong?

What processes are still running inside the jail when you do that?  In my
experience, jails fail to stop of there are processes inside them that don't

That does make sense. I'll have to check that out the next time I get an opportunity to stop the jail(s) and do a 'ps' to look for processes that have a 'J' (jail indication) in the STAT column. I should have thought of this. Thanks for the reminder.
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