I'm running 2 monitors with the 7600GS. Configuration is easy, you can
email me privately if you have problems getting things set up.

This URL should answer a lot of config questions for you. 


I've only got a couple of 'problems' that I haven't been able to fix so

1. Mplayer in full screen displays everything to the left and in
letterbox format. Totem doesn't have this problem.

2. Overclocking using the nvidia config utility doesn't work so well,
but for Google earth and fgfs the 7600 is plenty fast anyway. 



On Tue, 2007-05-08 at 18:15 -0500, Jonathan Horne wrote:
> anyone out there running dual monitors in FreeBSD?  if so, what is your 
> setup?  
> single display adapter/2 heads, or 2 seperate adapters?
> i have a nvidia 7300 GS with 2 heads, and im thinking about picking up 
> another 
> monitor like im currently runing, before the *blip* off the market, but im 
> hoping that it wont be a problem to set up xorg for 2 monitors, with just a 
> single adapter.
> any success stories out there?

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