hrm, thanks, but this doesn't seem to work:

`ifconfig xl0 down` doesn't do anything... executes without error, but the
interface stays up.

`/sbin/dhclient`  gets a new IP, but doesn't "re-do" the firewall with new
IP, so everything is broken.

 echo nameserver  > /etc/resolv.conf
 echo  nameserver 321.23.67.328 >> /etc/resolv.conf

This is over written on startup/reboot by the dhcpclient.  If I modify the
file, then it tries to "correct" it self and over writes the file with the
DNS servers provided via the DHCP server.

Any other ideas?


On 5/8/07, User Iam <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:


To get a new ip


/sbin/ifconfig  ethX <use correct number> down

/sbin/dhclient   # to get a new ip..

Then for resolv.conf

echo nameserver  > /etc/resolv.conf
echo  nameserver 321.23.67.328 >> /etc/resolv.conf


User Iam

On 5/8/07, Jack Barnett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I have a script that updates some dynamic DNS records (can be run as
> non-root if needed).
> It needs to be run on startup - after network is configured and after
> rc.firewall (it'll get blocked if it's run before the firewall is
> setup).
> What is a good place to put this?  I could put it at the end of
> rc.firewall,
> but is there a better place to put it?
> Also how do I refresh a dynamic IP without rebooting?
> Sometimes my cable modem gets messed up and under windows I just do:
> ipconfig /release
> ipconfig /renew
> and it gets new IP and sets everything up.  In FreeBSD is there a way to
> reconfigure everything without rebooting?
> (rc.firewall uses this to get network info:
>         onet=`ifconfig xl0 | grep "inet " | awk '{print $6}'`
>         oip=`ifconfig xl0 | grep "inet " | awk '{print $2}'`
> Meaning, rc.firewall would also have to be re-ran if the IP is new).
> [also to make things more complicated, I think I need a rule in
> rc.firewallto allow for DHCP clients to go out?  It gets blocked on
> external interface
> when firewall comes up??]
> Also how do I override /etc/resolv.conf?  DHCP client configures it I
> think
> and sets it up to point to my ISP DNS servers (which suck) and would
> like to
> give it mine instead of there, but it keeps getting over written on
> startup
> when it gets a DHCP lease?
> thanks.
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