I purchased a RocketRaid card + 3 disks, and moved my FreeBSD 6.1 to it
using dump, I then changed my fstab
entry to use da0s1d for /, I made sure that the it is bootable, I told
my raid controller to be bootable, I set it up to boot in my BIOS as the
first device, I added the kernel module to the /boot/default/loader.conf
so tha it is loaded, I modified the loader.cong so that the
root_dev="disk0s1d", but when I reboot, it says "Invalid partition" and
prompts me to enter the correct partition. It apperently tried to use
0:da(0,a)/boot/loader so I tell it to use 0:da(0,d)/boot/loader and it
boots, everything works fine. I must have forgotten to do something,
because it always tries to boot da0s1a instead of da0s1d.

Does anyone have an idea on how I can tell it to boot from da0s1d?

Thank you,
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