Op woensdag 09 mei 2007, schreef Sam Lawrance:


> > Could someone please point out where I made the mistake?
> When your network interface went down, you lost the connection, your
> shell lost the terminal and your script was terminated before it
> could finish doing what it was supposed to.  Possibly you need to use
> something like "nohup" or "screen" (from ports), or have some other
> form of terminal available.

Thanks for your answer.

But as I said, I ran the script from a screen session, so that makes me wonder 
why the execution was aborted.

But is running '/etc/rc.d/netif restart'' known to cause problems? I think I 
shouldn't have to use scripts like these just to change a setting on the 
network interface.

Kind regards,

Bram Schoenmakers

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