Matthew Seaman wrote:

Gabriel Rossetti wrote:

How can I do that? When I use sysinstall to create my partitions it
automatically create's it as da0s1d.

 bsdlabel -e da0s1
There's also a trick you can use in sysinstall. It will only ever assign an "a" partition to /. So if you have some partition which you know will act as a root partition, but isn't actually going to be one right now, *lie*. Set the mount point to / and get assigned e.g. da0s1a then *change* the mountpoint with M (I think) back to whatever you're calling this partition right now e.g. /root2. Make sure you turn off softupdates (S?) if changing the mountpoint turns them back on. Once the a partition has been assigned, it won't be re-assigned just because you changed the mountpoint.

Of course, this means that you have to assign all the pseudo-root partitions before you assign any real root partition otherwise sysinstall will likely complain about the duplicate mountpoint. (Or change the real root mountpoint, do your pseudo roots, then change the real root back to /).

Of course, it doesn't help you now, but if there's a next time...


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