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On 2007-05-09 08:21, Andreas Widerøe Andersen wrote:
> I'm planning a new fileserver for my post-production facility and need
> input regarding filesystems and network setup. I've been a FreeBSD fan
> almost 10 years now and will try to build this server based on the
> stable FreeBSD version, allthough most machines here run WinXP.

> In addition to this 1-5 machines will have access to the fileserver
> a shared Gigabit network connection for making DVDs and use the files as
> source for editing. In short: There will be two direct 1Gb network
> connections and one shared 1Gb connection. Will the server hold up?

Depending on the resolution and frame rate of your video, GigE is
nowhere near fast enough a pipe for live video manipulation.  This is
certainly the case when dealing with broadcast video.

We're only working in Standard Definition PAL (see the datarates in my first
post). I have done DV capture tests before over the network and that worked
fine. We're already having three machines feeding from one server today and
that works fine too allthough it is a bit slow. We're mainly copying files
to local drives, but DVD creation happens straight from the server.

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