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On 2007-05-09 10:12, Andreas Widerøe Andersen wrote:
> On 5/9/07, Chris Slothouber <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> On 2007-05-09 08:21, Andreas Widerøe Andersen wrote:
>>> I'm planning a new fileserver for my post-production facility and need
>> some
>>> input regarding filesystems and network setup. I've been a FreeBSD fan
>> for
>>> almost 10 years now and will try to build this server based on the
>> latest
>>> stable FreeBSD version, allthough most machines here run WinXP.
>>> In addition to this 1-5 machines will have access to the fileserver
>> through
>>> a shared Gigabit network connection for making DVDs and use the files as
>>> source for editing. In short: There will be two direct 1Gb network
>>> connections and one shared 1Gb connection. Will the server hold up?
>> Depending on the resolution and frame rate of your video, GigE is
>> nowhere near fast enough a pipe for live video manipulation.  This is
>> certainly the case when dealing with broadcast video.
> We're only working in Standard Definition PAL (see the datarates in my first
> post). I have done DV capture tests before over the network and that worked
> fine. We're already having three machines feeding from one server today and
> that works fine too allthough it is a bit slow. We're mainly copying files
> to local drives, but DVD creation happens straight from the server.

My apologies, I totally glazed over that bit.

Samba does have some performance issues out of the box (see Solon Luigi
Lutz's thread from 04-10, similar situation but a little bit more later
in the game).  I believe there are a few tuning options for
Samba<->FreeBSD that might be appropriate, esp. wrt. multi-threading
CIFS.  Google seems to show a lot of hits for that.

Sorry again for missing the info you provided.  I hope this helps.

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