Here's another round of dumb questions for ya:

Can USB jump drives be used to back-up a Samba share?
If so, what do I need to do to prepare the USB drive
to accept files? 
Since I don't really need to compress or encrypt, I
was thinking about simply copying the entire directory
tree using the cp command, instead of using dump, tar,
Will this work, and is it a "good idea"?

The filesystem to be backed up is a single common UFS
shared via Samba. All PC users have access to the same
set of files (no user-specific directories). The files
to be backed up are Word, Excel, PDF, etc.

I don't want to buy the drives until I know if it will
work and how to do it. Do I need to UFS format the
drives? I assume the drive will have to be mounted
like any other drive...

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