On Thu, May 10, 2007 at 02:57:45PM +0100, Tom Evans wrote:
> On Wed, 2007-05-09 at 22:04 -0700, Garrett Cooper wrote:

        [[ ... ]]

> > purchase a card he should purchase an nVidia card. It's the only brand 
> > with OpenGL support properly enabled in Linux and FreeBSD. 5000-6000 
> > series would be sufficient.
> > -Garrett
> DVI comes in 3 (almost 4) flavours, DVI-D (digital data only), DVI-A
> (Analogue data only) and DVI-I (Integrated, both analogue and digital).
> The almost flavour is DVI-D dual-link, which carries more data than
> DVI-D (twice as much, who'd-a-thunk..)
> DVI cables can be any of the three types, the difference being which
> pins are hooked up. Most cables support the full pin-out, and therefore
> all the flavours.

        Well, I just googled a site on these cables and have a
        wee-bit-better grasp.  These cables are used for the new HDTV
        sets and flat-pannels. ... 

> All graphics cards these days output either DVI-D dual-link, or DVI-I,
> depending upon the resolution you ask the graphics card to display.
> DVI-I can be converted to a VGA DSUB using a simple dongle. Any card
> that comes with a DVI port also comes with the dongle.

        Until I get rid of my 19" tube for a flat-panel [RSN!], the
        DVI-I with an HD15 adaptor sounds right.  
> I'd also recommend an nvidia card. The amount of memory available on a
> card limits the amount of 3D textures that can be loaded onto the card.
> If you aren't worried about gaming or 3D, then even a 32MB card should
> be able to handle two double buffered 1600x1200 displays. A 128 MB card
> will perform the same as the equivalent 256 MB card (or 384/512 MB, or
> even some cards now with 640 MB).

        Gaming isn't my major aim, but just-for-kicks: maybe :)
        First, I'll see what's in Garrett's computer.  It may be
        fine.  Else I'll look for an nVidia 32MB card (5000-6000)
        and then "fore-armed" will see what happens.


> Cheers
> Tom

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