after spending time and money on several Promise and Sillicon Image
based cards that don't work properly, I am still in desperate need of a
stable SATA controller.

The goal is ONLY to (1) be stable and (2) get as many SATA ports as
possible. I don't care about saturating the PCI bus or anything like
that; this is for home use. I want stability and preferably
cost-effectiveness. I don't care about RAID support since this is for
use with ZFS.

My main candidate is the AOC-SAT2-MV8. Can anyone offer input on the
stability of this card in FreeBSD? It would be perfect because it is
priced very well.

If the Marvell is out, other main contenders are the 8 port LSI
MegaRAID, Highpoint RocketRaid and 3ware cards. But these are all on the
expensive side, with the half-exception of the MegaRaid 300-8XLP which
is only semi-expensive.

Any recommendations?

/ Peter Schuller

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